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Kiwis are those funny, fuzzy, brown on the outside, vibrant green on the inside, good for you fruit. I remember growing up, my mother was always trying to expose my brother and I to new things. Kiwi was one of those things. She brought it home from the store, we touched its rough fuzzy outside, thinking what the heck is this. But when she cut it open and that amazing green appeared, we knew we were in for a treat. Other than trying something new, and adding to your fruit selection at home, kiwis are also really good for you.

Technically, kiwi is a berry. They originated from Southwest China, but now are grown all over the world and were popularized in New Zealand.

This small fruit packs a big nutritional punch. Here is the nutrition breakdown for a 3.5 ounce (100-gram) serving of the flesh of a raw, green kiwi.

  • · Calories: 64

  • · Carbs: 14 grams

  • · Fiber: 3 grams

  • · Fat: 0.44 grams

  • · Protein: 1 gram

  • · Vitamin C: 83% of the Daily Value (DV)

  • · Vitamin E: 9% of the DV

  • · Vitamin K: 34% of the DV

  • · Folate: 7% of the DV

  • · Copper: 15% of the DV

  • · Potassium: 4% of the DV

  • · Magnesium: 4% of the DV

Kiwis contain more potassium than a banana, more Vitamin E, and Vitamin K than an avocado, more fiber than the leading cereal brand, and more Vitamin C than an orange. The Vitamin K and Vitamin E assist in immune health. Vitamin C plays a dynamic role as an antioxidant. The Vitamin K and Vitamin E assist in immune health. "Potassium ensures the optimal functioning of the body's cells, tissues and organs." Fiber is a very important carbohydrate that the body needs for healthy digestion and is linked to heart health.

WebMd states that “The kiwifruit possesses properties that lower blood pressure. By helping to maintain a healthy blood pressure and providing a boost of Vitamin C, the kiwifruit can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.”

Did you know you can also eat the skin of the kiwi? Well, you can! Read the article below through the link and find out how many more benefits you can add to your body by eating the kiwi skin. If you’re not sure how to cut a kiwi, be sure to check the video link below to see different ways to cut your kiwi.

BOL offers kiwi as one of the fruits on our Maui Wowie bowl, but you can add it to any bowl you order. We’re passionate about serving up nutritional options on our acai bowls, and the fun fuzzy kiwi is just one of those yummy options.


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