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Summer is all about running through the sprinklers, hosting bbq’s and eating the coveted watermelon. Part of the reason watermelon, especially a nice cool one is so refreshing is because it’s about 92 percent water. So you get hydrated all while enjoying this sweet juicy fruit. It always takes me back to eating watermelon in the yard with my brother and having a watermelon seed spitting contest followed by running and sliding down that bright yellow slip n’ slide. That was summer, and it always will be. But now, I realize that this sweet summer treat that mom always had on the ready is also really nutritious and beneficial for my body.

One great benefit of watermelon is its alkaline content. Alkaline is a counterbalance to those not so great foods we eat as a part of our diet, like meat, eggs, and dairy. It helps reduce the risk of developing diseases or illnesses that come from a high acid diet.

The lycopene found in watermelon is important for heart health. It improves blood flow, therefore assisting in cardiovascular health. Lycopene also promotes bone health. Although supplements are made for this, eating fresh fruits and vegetables like grapefruit, tomatoes and papayas are much more potent in getting the nutrients into your body.

Watermelon is great for kidney function and as a diuretic. It increases urine flow without straining the kidneys, unlike alcohol or caffeine, allowing your body to rid itself of excess water. You may think of bananas when you think of potassium, but watermelons have it too. They are a natural electrolyte that regulates the nerves and muscles in the body. So toss the Gatorade and eat some watermelon for a fresh hit of hydration and electrolytes.

From immune support with its Vitamin C contents, to improving eye health with its beta-carotene, to helping reduce fat with citrulline, boosting our immune systems with antioxidants, and working as a natural inflammatory, watermelons are a health super food. Grey Bears refers to watermelon as “one of the most beneficial body-healing fruits.” The article from HealthLine has great nutritional value information about watermelon as well as the health benefits.

We offer watermelon on our Slip n’ Slide Bowl or as a fruit add-on to any other bowl, but there is so much you can do with watermelon. Delish has some amazing recipe ideas. From tossing them in a feta salad to putting them on a skewer for the backyard grill. The possibilities are endless.

Did you know that watermelons are a fruit and a vegetable? It’s the state vegetable of Oklahoma. The entire melon is actually edible, and some people even pickle the rind. At BOL we use pumpkin seeds in our granola's and as an add-on to our acai bowls. MentalFloss has some really fun facts about watermelons in the attached article that are sure to entertain.

So go get a big watermelon, chill it, cut it up in those big triangles, turn on the sprinklers, pull out that old slip n’ slide and enjoy fun in the sun all while eating healthy. Summer just got sweeter and healthier.


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