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In late August 2019 Angel & Mike launched BOL with the basic idea of supporting themselves and their two daughters, nothing more. Before that time Mike was a preacher and Angel was a stay at home mom.  When Mike decided in 2019 to stop doing ministry the question was what to do next. Both of them were highly skilled and educated; Mike being a candidate for his PhD, and Angel with a degree in literature.  But they opted out of going back to work for others, they thought it was time to take all their skills and fulfill a dream they both shared since their days in New York City. The dream of owning their own business

At the time they didn't know they would be running an acai bar, but they knew they wanted to serve people, have fun doing it, and make enough money to put food on their table. The idea came later like a bolt of lightning. Mike's dad was on the verge of dying and had lived a long time plagued by poor health due to diabetes. At the same time Mike was 320 pounds and looking to make some changes in his diet. While watching YouTube videos Mike & Angel stumbled across acai bowls. "It was like a sign, and we both knew this was us, this was our business."  Two months later after devoted research and many acai bowls, Mike & Angel officially incorporated BOL acai bar.

Three years later Bol Acai Bar Food Truck has a stationary truck and a mobile food truck that services Cincinnati and Kentucky.  Their dream is an ongoing endeavor to reach as many people as possible with their acai bowls and build a better future for their kids.

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