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What is it about that chocolatey hazelnut spread that just has us all going ooooohhhh? Although acai bowls are healthy, we like to think that sometimes they can also just be fun and decedent. Some days a sweet treat is just what you need. A reward if you will. And that is where Nutella comes in. You know it’s a pretty big deal if it has its own day. Since 2007, February 5th is World Nutella Day. One of our Signature Bowls, the P.H.A.T. (pretty, hot, and tempting) bowl comes with Nutella on it, but you can add it to any bowl.

Although Nutella has a few health benefits and is all natural, we do not push it as a healthy add-on due to its sugar content. But that is not what this topping is all about. Nutella is there to add a richness to your acai bowl and maybe even your day. Whether you order the P.H.A.T. bowl, another Signature bowl, or a Create Your Own, Nutella will give you that extra flair of yum you didn’t know you were missing.

The marriage of chocolate and hazelnut is a match that will stand the test of time. It’s so popular many people just eat it by the spoon-full. Bakers use it in their recipes, and it even goes great on crepes. This sweet treat is not just for kids. Check out the links below that lists out 10 Nutella facts you may not have known- they were really fun. Our family loves it, but apparently a lot of people around the world really love it too.

The possibilities are endless with this super tasty condiment, and at BOL we're here to help you sweeten the deal. So next time you need something decadent in your life, think Nutella, think Yum, think BOL. You deserve it!


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