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With its health benefits and super yummy taste, it is no surprise that acai bowls are a staple for the Duchess of Sussex. On her now discontinued blog, The Tig, Meghan Markle raved about her love for acai bowls and even refers to them as a “Beauty Bowl” due to their antioxidants and other nutritional benefits.

The more you eat these delicious bowls, the more you come up with various ways of imagining them, especially the toppings. Meghan shared with the website Eyeswoon her personal acai bowl recipe, and how she relates her health and beauty to acai. At BOL we share Meghan’s enthusiasm and viewpoint about acai bowls, “with fresh produce..and simple ingredients prepped well” you have the recipe for greatness. With Signature Bowls as well as a Create Your Own option, with lots of topping choices, BOL gives plenty of opportunity for everyone to customize their acai experience to the max. Although, we may not be royal, we can still make healthy choices, with simple and fresh ingredients and get our own Glo Up with a daily acai bowl. Check out the articles below for Meghan’s personal acai bowl recipe and the BOL menu on our website for all your acai bowl needs. Since I have been introduced to acai, I am a firm believer in it's benefits, but also the simple byproduct of feeling great, knowing I am boosting my immune system on a daily basis and filling my system with a nutrient rich food; and that has me feeling less like Duchess and more like a Queen.


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