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So what is this tiny dark seed all about? It has no real taste, no real smell, and overall looks a bit insignificant. Didn’t the ch-ch-ch-chia used to come as a little planter with a pot shaped like a cute animal or my favorite, Bob Ross? Turns out, these little seeds carry a heavy hit when it comes to health.

Chia was another item I had never had prior to opening our acai bar, but it was one of the first toppings we experimented with and added on to our Signature Queen City Bowl. I knew that a lot of people added this into their smoothies, their yogurt, salads, and even made pudding with it, and now it made sense why they were doing it. It is an anti-inflammatory and is packed with fiber.

Not only that, these small seeds have manganese, magnesium, protein, calcium, and those healthy Omega-3 fats. Who would have thought there was so much goodness in that green fro in that Bob Ross planter. Chia seeds are naturally gluten-free which is a huge plus and the chia seeds we use at BOL are also non-GMO. BOL adds approximately 1 tablespoon of chia to its Queen City bowls or those who request it as an add-on topping; this will help you track your intake when you read the nutritional facts at the link below.

Currently chia is a free add-on at BOL, so take advantage while you can. My eight year old adds it on every bowl we make her, so it seems kids and adults like it and can benefit from its healthy attributes. There are so many ways to incorporate chia into your diet, and even more recipes. Click on the link below if you want new recipes. Challenge your chia cooking skills. Since you don’t have to worry about another flavor profile, choose chia seeds as an add-on next time you're ordering up your favorite BOL. Your body will thank you.


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