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At BOL we spend a great amount of time developing our unique flavor for both our acai bowls and artisan granola.  No stone is left unturned and no fruit is off limits.  Our goal is to produce bowls with complexity and sophistication coupled with affordability and accessibility.  In other words we create bowls that taste great, look great, and can get to you where ever you are.

We use organic acai puree with no added sugars. We use organic acai because the flavor is unmistakably different than acai with additives, and we want people to taste pure acai.  Using an organic acai blend we believe we are preserving the true essence of what a acai bowl should taste like.  Our blend of acai is a combination of acai puree, frozen bananas, and clover honey. These three ingredients create a sorbet like thick puree that is different in taste and texture to smoothie bowls.


OUR Blend


OUR granola

What truly separates our bowls from any others are the different granolas we produce in house to go atop of the acai puree.  Acai blends are a dime a dozen with slight variations, our granola takes the acai bowl to new heights.  Each granola pairs with our signature bowls, however we have found that all our granolas are good with any combination of fruit.  Each granola provides depth and levels to our bowls that can not be duplicated.